Purchasing, Shipping, Returns


The "Select Size" drop-down menu below each photo in the galleries displays the number remaining in each edition, and the sizes and prices available for that particular photograph. Payments are accepted in $US securely with major credit cards through PayPal.

Presentation of the photographs is fully explained on the About Aluminum Prints page.

Limited Edition Pricing

Photographs are offered in size editions of 9 or fewer and limited to a total edition of 36 or fewer. Print sizes and editions of some photographs may vary, but they will not exceed 9 of any size, and total editions will not exceed 36.

Each edition has a 3-tier price structure beginning at the introductory Tier 1 level and increasing as the remaining number of an edition decreases.

For Example:

Print Numbers:         1-3              4-6              7-9            
Edition    Size           Tier 1         Tier 2           Tier 3       
    9         12x18          500.00      750.00     1,200.00
    9         16x24          900.00    1,250.00     2,000.00
    9         20x30        1,500.00    2,250.00    3,500.00
    9   Larger size options included in one edition:
    9         24x36        2,250.00    3,500.00    5,250.00
               30x45        3,500.00    5,250.00     8,000.00

    36 Total Edition

The drop-down size menu of each photograph will disply the numbers remaining in each edition.


Generally, photographs purchased through the website are produced on demand. This may seem an inconvenience, but it actually may result in an improved piece by virtue of taking advantage of updated, or even new production methods and technology, and/or display and mounting options. Allow 30 days from the date of an order for delivery to your specified location (sooner if your selection is on hand). Be assured that every effort will be made to complete your transaction as expeditiously as possible.


Buyer must notify artist, no later than ten (10) days after delivery to buyer's shipping address, of intent to return any artwork purchased. Artwork to be returned must be in original, undamaged condition, and securely packaged as it was received, in its original packaging. Returns must be shipped via UPS or FedEx and received by artist within seven (7) days of notification from buyer of intent to return. Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with return shipments. After the returned art has been received and artist is satisfied with its condition, a refund less 5% (five percent) of the purchase price will be issued via the same method as it was purchased.


Copyright, including all reproduction rights, are reserved and retained by James C. Ritchie. Purchase or licensing of any work does not entitle buyer or buyer's representatives, agents, or assigns, ownership or any reproduction rights or copyright whatsoever.